The big ‘O’ comes to Oz

I love listening to 97.3fm when I’m home by myself during the day.

But my ears were under assault today as I had to listening to “you’re going to Australia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” every half-an-hour. Its on the news; its been all over Twitter; its all over Facebook as every Murri in the country tries to gather support for her to visit a community or have Murris on the actual show; its in the blogosphere and in the msm news.

Its going to drive everyone nuts! Its going to drive me nuts!

I have nothing against O personally – an amazing personal success story/against the odds etc, etc, etc … And the tourist thing will be great for the tourist industry etc, etc, etc ….

But the programme is awful, way too much screaming, way too much silliness.

If I could head bush til its over I would.

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