To people who think that ….

lol. I’m sorry, but big lol.

I just want to put it out there that I find passive-agressive status updates from some of the Mob to others in the Mob pretty friggin funny.

To the people who think …. well guess what you’re just …

I don’t know why SOME people need to put…………

Why not say what you want to say in a proper post, like say on a BLOG that you create. It’s your space. You can say what you want (of course within reason – libel & defamation laws still apply on the web), you can provide your evidence, you can argue your point, and you can defend yourself.

I reckon the world would be a bit better off if the folks out there stop bitching & gossipping about each other and got it out properly.

And if you don’t reckon you can write proper – then video blog it (VLOG). If you’re on Facebook anyways, I reckon you’ve probably got access to a webcam. Click around, work out how to record your big Blak head, say your bit, upload it to YouTube, then embed it in your blog post. (If this sounds too technical, it isn’t really, no more tricky than doing what you’re probably already doing).

Then if you start getting some hits (ie. people reading what you got to say), just some AdWords in your sidebar and before you know it you’re a mini-Murri-media-mogul.

Knock off the passive-aggressive shit. Its just gammin, boring and does frig-all in forwarding the conversation & the cause.

And by-the-way, you won’t become a mini-Murri-media-mogul using friggin Facebook as your platform.

Come on people! You’ve got a taste of the Social Web now & you’ve been doing FB stuff for a coupla months or even years now. How bout you start knockin down the walls that FB creates and start working the blogosphere. It’s here. It can be yours.

But that’s just IMO.

3 thoughts on “To people who think that ….”

  1. Hey Lisa thanks for your contributions at the IWRN CR Group yesterday. Your quiet and unassuming way is a great presence. I have only just discovered your blog through the not a review yo did on Cookie's Table. Your are a natural designer then cause the blogs are really simple, easy to read and understand and have fantastic information that we need to access. So thanks for the hard work and for showing us how to get on with it!! I also live your eloquent and lucid writing style sister. Feel like I found the treasure in the treasure hunt.
    Christine Peacock

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