On our trip, but one man down

Google maps tells me that we have only 18 hours to go til we get to Cairns.


We are not extreme travelers. We stop way too much to be efficient. Drink too much tea, wee too much and like looking at the views too often. Can’t even depart on time – supposed to leave at 10am but we didn’t leave til 5pm. (Kids coulda gone to school). So we’re sitting here at Gympie Maccas after only an hour of travel, I’m thinking of our big boy who because he is in Year 11 now and has assessments due, is flying up for an overnighter next week. 🙁

Seems odd traveling with only 3 kids. Still have way too much stuff in the car though. *sigh*

So begins our quick trip to Yidinjdi country for the Native Title determination next week.

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