Will that be filtered or unfiltered?

Self-portraits fascinate me – how one sees themselves versus how the rest of the world sees them; how an artist can depict themselves naked (not just literally) warts and all versus the photoshopped/ filtered/posed versions most of us prefer to be published.

The social web has opened up to me a whole new world of people who are unafraid to just be themselves. They share stories of their lives and images of themselves that most people I know have only in private conversations. Like artists I see them is as fearless.

I’m a bit of a johnny-come-lately to all this. I posted an unfiltered image on Saturday morning off my computer camera, looking a bit raggedy. It’s not exactly a ground-breaking shot. But for me, it is. I’ve often wondered how far I could go – would shame stop me from really portraying myself how I really am? Or do I rely too much on filters? Are we all filtered anyway? So filtered that we don’t even know it?


#selfportraitwithiPad With Instagram X-Pro II filter
I rarely see myself without specs. It looks strange.

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