The start of the decline?

This morning Son2 was watching a doco about World War 2 on the History Channel. As we were about to leave, there was an interview with an older woman (it was historical footage, probably filmed in the 1970s) about her experience of the rise of Hitler and the early steps to what later become The Holocaust.

Something she said made me stop. She said that it happened gradually, so gradually that you didn’t realise what was happening.

An hour later I logged onto Facebook and this article about the Federal Coalition’s intention to repeal part of the Racial Discrimination Act relating to speech appeared on my stream.

I’m not saying that we’re in the early stages of another Holocaust. I rarely use that word in relation to race in Australia, though I know many do. But, in an era of decreasing media diversity, an increasingly suspicious and small-minded Australian mainstream, I am concerned and think perhaps we all should be.

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