A night at The Deadlys

I finally have time to do an update about The Deadly Awards on Tuesday night. As you will know by now, Vernon won the 2012 Deadly Award for Visual Artist of the Year. It was such a great night with a couple of low-lights, but many more highlights.

 The main low-light was me (stupidly) worrying about what I was going to wear. Note to self: wear something nice that you feel comfortable in. At The Deadlys there are all kinds of outfits from full length gowns, shorter cocktail outfits, to pants (even jeans). Not one person was out of place or under or over dressed. My other lowlight was my stoopid iPhone not lasting until the main ceremony at 8pm. Seriously! Not okay.

The hightlights! Oh. So many hightlights –

  • the atmosphere – was just like when I went to my first NRL Indigenous All Stars game (there, the electricity started at Roma Street train station all the way to Robina, into the stadium, during the game, afterwards and then all the way home to Mitchelton). On Tuesday night, once the main event started, the whole auditorium was abuzz with pride and celebration. It was incredible. If you’ve never thought of attending a Deadlys before, save up and shout yourself. I’d love to bring the kids one year.
  • the view – I’ve never been inside or even up close to the Opera House before. It was spectacular.
  • Deborah Cheetham – I had tears running down my face. I’m not particularly into opera, but she was incredible.  I don’t know the name of the song she sang, but it’s one we all recognise from movie scores and was amazing.
  • meeting up with people – I was slack that my phone had died so missed seeing some tweeps. But we did manage to catch up with quite a few people we knew and as we were all in a good mood, it made the catch-up even more special.
  • the performances – were spot on – Circus Oz, Jessica Mauboy, the young hip-hop crews, were all amazing and of course there was ….
  • Casey Donovan – that is one amazing woman and a performer who has yet to reach her full potential.

That’s my brief wrap up of The Deadlys for 2012. It’s been lovely to receive so many likes and kind comments of congratulations about Vernon’s win. I know he is very happy to have received the award, and we’re all very proud.

Hope to be at another Deadlys soon.

Cheers, Leesa

Thanks Maydina for finding the song that Deborah Cheetham performed. Here it is –

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  1. Oh Deborah Cheetham was one of my highlights also. Wasn't she breathtaking and tear forming 🙂 So happy for Vernon, wished I'd been there when announced. Massive congrats. X

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