Animal People vs The World

Dog People like their dogs.

They like them as much as non-Dog People don’t like their dogs.

Dog People take their dogs with them, let them roam inside their houses, take them shopping. When you invite a Dog person to a party, they will probably bring along the dog, even though the pooch was not on invited.

Non-Dog people don’t get dogs. Non-Dog people may have dogs, but we seem that as useful guard dogs. They have a job to do. We don’t see them as human-like. Dogs have a place, they’re treated respectfully. But I’m not going to bring poochy into the house or to the next social event.

Non-Dog people need to understand that Dog People love their dogs as much as they (non-Dog People) don’t. ¬†And Dog People need to understand that non-Dog people don’t love Dog peoples’ dogs as much as they (Dog people) do.

*sigh* I worry about world peace ….

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