A new name

So you may have noticed that the name and the URL of this blog has changed. I originally created it as a bit of a professional landing page, but some of the posts extended to personal posts so I began thinking of a Blog Title that wasn’t my actual name. And it came to me at about 4am yesterday morning.

This is what Not Quite Cooked means to me –

  • forever beta
  • always learning
  • more questions than answers
  • frequently have NFI (no fucking idea)
  • always searching for understanding and meaning
  • unpacking everything, all the time

I have also experimented with registering the blog name via Blogger Custom Domain rather than Netregistry who I have 90% of my domains with. I have to say, it was so incredibly easy – a seamless process that took about 30 minutes to go live. Highly recommend it, especially if you’re happy with Blogger and aren’t interested in self-hosted WordPress.

On my to-do list for 2013 for this blog –

  • blog more
  • do a bit of design & CSS
  • blog more
  • sort out the labels – too many, too random
  • blog more
  • think about the sidebars more sensibly
  • blog more
  • subscription options – Facebook Page, E-Mail Updates, Instagram etc??
  • possibly think more seriously about ads … but really I just want to
  • blog more

Any other suggestions?

Cheers, Leesa

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