End of year lessons

Some Christmas reflections came to me this year as I was preparing my contribution to our family feast. These ideas might have formed part of a toast or speech if our family were so inclined to give speeches at family dinners.

Being the end of the year, I reflected on how our little family had somewhat of a tumultuous year – a few hospital visits moving out of our house and moving in with my parents etc. I was thinking how sometimes (many times in fact), I had to remind myself that “inconvenience” and “frustration” are not the same as “hardship”. That is, there were many times this year that I felt completely overwhelmed by everything, but I had to remember that despite everything going on, our life was still good and full and well, that being inconvenienced (for example by, the lights constantly shorting, the doors and windows on our poor old house not always working etc) was actual NOT hardship – it’s just annoying and inconvenient. Reminding myself of this always helps me to put things into perspective. I think we all learned this lesson a bit this year.

Some other principles I have had to learn/relearn every few weeks include –

Appreciating what I have, rather than feeling disappointed for what I don’t have.

Feeling good about what does work, rather than frustrated and annoyed about what isn’t working.

Value those around me for who they are, not who I would wish them to be.


Cheers, Leesa 

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