Will you still read me when I’m 64?

Tonight I tweeted …

“One of my blogging goals is having the courage to explore my “demons”. I see others do it and see courage in them that I don’t have”

Through the course of a tweet-conversation with @HollywoodConsul, I realised that I will be blogging for the next forty years. F.A.R..O.U.T..!!!!

Imagine it!?!?

– Imagine the archive that will accumulate over that time.
– Imagine how many predictions I will make that will fall over.
– Imagine how many proclamations about how I’m going to do this/not going to do that (eg. tonight’s earlier post springs to mind) ever again I will make only to retract later.
– Imagine how many mundane and important events I will capture and how many I will choose not to capture (choosing not to blog, tweet and FB some life events happens every day for me cause my life is not my own)

Knowing that I have forty years to say what I want to makes me want to write everything down now, but also relaxes me knowing that I have time for the “big ones”

Will you still read me when I’m 64  84?

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