Another year in pics

As much as a love the idea, I’m terrible at keeping a diary. Always was. Always will be.

For the past two years I’ve managed to keep a more or less, diary using images organised on Flickr.

And today, I’ve finally finished organising 2012. It’s not too bad. While I actually didn’t get one photo per day, I have managed 341 images for the 366 days of 2012.

It’s nice going back and looking over the year in pics. Thank goodness I haven’t over-done it with the selfies this year…

A pic of @matrisse with Mum, Nanny Tuck & Aunty Gracie at 615 Samford Road, Mitchelton (pic from Uncle Leon's collection)1/3652/3663/3664/366Mr Origami man.
Australian National Year of Reading: Ms A & I reading our books, eating Vegemite toast & drinking black tea. Another Saturday morning.More studio slavery.Day something of #366. Too distracted to take pics until now. I've instigated Operation-Calm-The-Fuck-Down which means I have time to make breakfast with the kids and enjoy our home-grown eggs.My super throw-whatever-I-can-find-into-the-esky-at-5.30am breakfast. In Gympie today for a funeral. Made it here in an hour-and-a-half.OH YEAH! Cool rainy weather requires toasted cheese sandwiches (and black tea)Do-it-yourself hair-do doesn't look too bad - not sure what it will look like tomorrow. Method: pony tail, plait, chop. Thanks to my private hairdresser - Annie - best 11 yr old hairdresser ever! (ps. Don't tell my sister, she still hasn't recovered from
Hair today, gone tomorrow.Yeah boi!! We haz license!!! Congratulations to Eddie and yippee for me, dad, nan, pop & sundry relatives who will be driven all over by said teen. 100 hours here we come!Going through last year's books to see what can be used for this year. Last year's LOTE book is only quarter used, so Annie has marked the page & will use it in 2012. Students should be actively encouraged by the school to use materials until they're compMurri flagBirthday breaky at Maccas this morning.Somewhere being those clouds are mountains.
#yourightnow (what you're doing right now & tag 5 others) - self-portraits on iPhone3 are dodgy. @liz_loveslife @sgrhall @matrisse @delvenecockatoo @ren_1 @lisambuxtonLast first-day-of-school photo that we'll ever take for all four kids.27/36629/36629/366a29/366b
366/2012, a set on Flickr.

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