Left-Over Coconut Curry Chicken Pie

In an attempt to get better organised in my daily routine, AND to save dollars, I’ve been doing a bit more planning meals. One strategy to get more out of our time is to pre-plan and/or precook. Tonight’s pre-cook/plan is …..

… coconut-curry chicken pie….

What the?!?! I hear you say … Well it’s easy, I took the left over coconut-curry chicken and made a pie for tomorrow night.

Here’s how –

1) I removed all the meat from the bones and gave it all a cook mix up.

2) Put the leftovers into a pyrex dish (the one with the plastic covers that I bought from BigW last week)

3) Threw on a lid of pastry (from the freezer), including some fancy triangles with the left over bits off the pastry square

4) Brushed the pie with egg & milk, and tucked it in nice and tight

5) Put the blue lid on and chucked it in the fridge

In this weather, a nice warm coconut-curry chicken pie will be just what we need.

Things I need to remember:

  • Make sure the Pyrex dish is room temperature before I put it in the oven
  • Be mindful that we’re dealing with chicken here so don’t be silly and leave it out
Let’s see how we go, hopefully I’ll get deadly at this and it will save me heaps of time through the working week as well as a bit of $.
Update: Another thing to remember, when the power goes out courtesy of the storms, the whole strategy is a flop. Oh well. I’ll try it next time. Will let you know how I go. I’m still going to post this regardless. Maybe other folks will have more ideas for time and $ savings.

4 thoughts on “Left-Over Coconut Curry Chicken Pie”

  1. Good call. I've saved money and reinvented a lot of new meals this way. Much to new husband's skepticism. You might need to get a bit of stealth if you are going to practise this on regular basis. Just don't reheat a second time! 😉 Waste is a disgrace, too, I'm sure you would agree. I make sure I call it some impressive name as well. Mr F doesn't like to eat anything that doesn't have a well-established name.

    1. Oh Glenda. I wish I had a talent for cooking. I mean I love eating…. lol … Hoping it does save time during the weeks as I get a tad snowed under. And tell me, how is the blogging going? 😉

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