Random racist imagery

I really do loathe this racist propaganda. We can’t just let the floods be what they are, we have to somehow use it as an opportunity to remind the world that underneath all the flood water, there still is a racist undercurrent. Can’t just be human, and be in need from other people and communities. You just had to didn’t you….

Where’s the racism? Well let’s start with the sexism –
  • Calling the Prime Minister by her first name, rather than PM, is patronising (most likely because she is a woman, we feel it’s okay to patronise her).

Now to the racism –

  • the inverted commas around boat people, because we don’t really believe that they’re desperate or in need, they’re just queue jumpers; and
  • the perpetuation of the myth that REFUGEES (yes REFUGEES who have been granted permission to stay here LEGALLY) are entitled to a sack load of material objects that “real” Australians in need should be getting, because of course “real” Australians are from Australia and not somewhere else.
This garbage keeps polluting my Facebook stream. For god’s sake, get a critical mind and think before you randomly “like” this shit.

2 thoughts on “Random racist imagery”

  1. Couldn't agree more, there can be a bit of cleverness and truth in some of those meme type things but I think peops just mindlessly share them. It's a real trend isn't it? This sort of stuff needs to be 'unpacked' alright. Key factor: critical literacy and Facebook frequency is not conducive!

    1. That's true Flora – Critical literacy is essential. FYI: If you're on Twitter, we have an Indigenous "chat" each week on Wednesday evening if you're interested. Follow the #iXchat hashtag.

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