A meteorite post

Trigger Warning: This post may qualify as conspiracy theory I’m not sure.

Okay. I know nothing about science and/or space and/or meteorites and/or asteroids. I saw Armageddon at the movies. I’ve also seen Disney’s Dinosaur. That’s the extend of my asteroid knowledge.

So, this morning, when I see this ……

What the?!? I mean seriously. What the!?!? Over 1000 people have been injured in Russia!?!?

I knew it was coming. I’d heard about it. I’d heard comments about how the end of the world according the Incas was flooding all layers of the media but it was glaring how little the media had talked about the ACTUAL asteroid that could ACTUALLY end the world.

After seeing this video, you can’t tell me that the brainiacs didn’t know that it was going to be this big? That is was going to be a MAJOR thing.

And yet, there was little conversation about it.

What if …. that was a deliberate strategy. What if the brainiacs knew this was a “thing”, but they also knew that there was bugger all that could be done about it. And telling people it was going to be a “thing” would only cause MAJOR panic, and disruption to food, financial systems, all manner of systems of production.

I guess they knew it wasn’t Melancholia, but … and seriously … it’s not nothing either.

I wonder if there was communication between the science community and other media/political entities and/or players. Perhaps the strategy was to keep them (us) talking about Beyonce, and drugs in the NRL, or whatever.

If I were a brainiac in the same position, I would have stocked up on food & water, and kept my mouth shut. If an asteroid is going to hit, there’s nothing we can do but wait and see what’s left.

That’s all … I’m just wondering … we think we’re the centre of the universe, but we really aren’t …

In the meantime though … perhaps we should consider this ….

Update: Here is a much smarter and probably more accurate post about what hit (meteorite) and what didn’t (asteroid) and why.

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