Time to get a job

It’s job hunting time for the two middle teens, and tonight, watching them type their resumes had me quietly laughing and smiling. I sat on the bed and dictated to them the structure of a classic teen resume – personal details, education, work experience, clubs/ memberships, hobbies/ interests, aspirations. They furiously and dutifully typed away.

Having a job as a young person is so important. You learn the value of work and the value of your labour. You get guided by someone other than a family member and you will get growled at too. You learn about some of the things you already had inklings about – there are people in the workplace who don’t pull their weight and people who like to make trouble. Hopefully somewhere along the way you realise that you’re not the centre of the universe because you quickly learn that the customer is (the centre of the universe that is).

I remember my first job was packing shelves in a supermarket. I bought my first radio with the money I earned. Having your own cash – your own – was/is an amazing feeling. After packing shelves, I worked in a fruit shop. That was bloody stressful. Getting growled at by customers who were cranky that I couldn’t tell the difference between a “normal” tomato and a Roma tomato, a Lebanese cucumber from your garden variety fat cucumber and the cavnedish from the lady fingers. Man I was happy when my Saturday mornings became my own again. But it was a good lesson and I’m glad I went through it.

Over the weekend, the teens will be forwarding their details to the usual suspects – Woollies, Coles, and Maccas. I’m really hoping in this economic climate when lots of businesses are cutting back hours, that my boys will get a look in.

Let’s hope.

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  1. Oh I agree with this 100%. Starting work was really liberating for me in high school. Having my own money and my own thing away from mum and dad really helped me to start becoming my own person.

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