Sometimes I miss teaching so much, it hurts

I love my work. When I say I love my work I mean I REALLY love my work. Creating and growing our business is so incredibly fulfiling. We develop our own content and projects, and we get to work with amazing clients on their projects. I’m working with skilled and talented people, visionary people. I can’t believe I’m so lucky to do the work I do everyday.

But every now and then, something takes me back a few steps and I remember how much I love teaching – being in a classroom (or tute room) is just such an amazing experience – working on ideas, thinking of the best way to present a new topic; being required to teach a new concept when I have no freakin idea what it is about, then exploring and unpacking it until it clicks; connecting with young people and building relationships; having nothing and creating something. Sometimes I wish I was there again. And sometimes I miss it so much, it hurts. I mean really hurts. I get a sad feeling in my belly and tears in my eyes.

Today is one of those days.

After I wrote this…. this appeared in my stream ….

2 thoughts on “Sometimes I miss teaching so much, it hurts”

  1. Love this message and I love teaching. Been going hard at it for a couple of decades! Every day I think I am lucky to be with what I call the 'workers at the chalkface' and I work hard at, and plan for my relationship with students. Can't stand it when teachers aren't positive and enthusiastic. Used to think teaching was a young person's gig, but still everyday I get a compliment of some sorts from kids! Can see how someone who was obviously good at it, misses it. There's a good PD doing the traps at the moment called The Art and Science of Teaching. It's effective. 🙂

    1. 🙂 Thanks for your comment. It's so wonderful to be working full-time in something that love and can't get enough off. I've heard about the ASOT framework. I'm keen to have a bit of a closer look at it.

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