Coconut and Banana Pudding

So …. Coles has bananas on sale for $2 a kilo this week.

This meant that I could finally try out Kemi’s Raw Kitchen’s Banana and Coconut Pudding.

Double win because, apart from the bananas, with a bit of ingredient swapping (mix fruit instead of sultanas, roasted cashews instead of raw nuts etc), I could use stuff out of the pantry.
We had the dish for desert. I dished it out in old punch-bowl glasses, everyone had a couple of tablespoons each. It’s that sweet, you probably don’t need much more. Most of the kids had a go, even one or two who I thought would absolutely not ever go there.
There was a suggestion that it would be fabulous with ice-cream. I tend to agree.
See Kemi’s Recipe here, and she’s on Facebook.

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