A superior little toad

A sistah sent this link to me late last night, I don’t really do “News”. I have little regard for KR, and less since he returned.

I know a lot of Murris love him. The Apology and all that.

Well for me, this confirms who he really is ….

An indigenous (sic) attendee scalded Mr Rudd and his ministers for not acknowledging the traditional owners of the region before they each spoke. Mr Rudd was not impressed.

“Can I just say in response to that mate, we had an official welcome to country and as the bloke who delivered the national apology to all indigenous Australians, I honour all first Australians wherever I go,” he said.

What a superior little toad.


One thought on “A superior little toad”

  1. Yes, I agree KR is a bit on the defensive, but most of us waited and waited for that 'Sorry' and KR had the guts to deliver it. Unlike his predecessors who were too paranoid about all the legalities of saying 'Sorry' which outweighed their basic lack of humanity for the legacy of the Stolen Genertions and its associations ( Stolen Wages etc.) Haven't clicked on the link yet, just shot from the hip. Xx

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