Hold on a sec, I just need to sneeze …

Two days ago I woke up feeling weird … in the head. I wasn’t sick, but I felt like I was about to sneeze… and that’s pretty much how I’ve been feeling ever since. If I’m not actually sneezing, I feel like I’m about to…. My eyes are running, there’s a tickle in my nose and then ….. NOTHING …. it just keeps going. I’m struggling to concentrate and be productive. My mind is always on “where is my bloody hankie gone?”, or “if I have to wipe my nose once more it will feel like rubbing a cheese grater on my skin”.

I have never in my life, I repeat NEVER had a problem with spring or hayfever or sinus. NEVER. Flowers or the August winds have been been an issue for me or my health.
I’ve had close friends who seem to be permanently attached to a hankie and it’s like their nose is literally a dripping tap. But me… I’ve always been the proud owner of a clear and uncluttered respiratory ¬†system and nasal passage. I’ve had nasal privilege.
So you can imagine the frustration and internal outrage I’m experiencing right now!!
I’m writing this passage to all my friends, you know who you are, you poor bastard souls, I never understood your frustration and pain. I’ve taken my health for granted, and never understood what you’ve been going through. I’m on my third day now… and I’m well and truly over it. Forgive me, I … hold on a sec, I just need to sneeze ….¬†

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