Quick visit to Sydney town

As I mentioned yesterday I had a quick trip to Sydney for a business meeting.

I get off the plane and we head straight to Yerros at Marrickville for lunch. A mix-plate to share  …..

As soon as we got back to the flat, I get in a solid four hours preparation for Saturday’s meeting. Feeling bloody awesome!

Saturday morning
LB and I broke with our normal lay-around-the-flat tradition and actually jumped on public transport  to see a bit of Sydney.

I wanted to go to see the New South Wales Parliament Aboriginal Art Award so I could use it for a post for The Critical Classroom, but upon Googling while on the train in we realised the gallery is open only Monday to Friday. Well shit. What to do?

Let’s eat. LB took us to her new favourite Ramen shop on Liverpool Street. Chilli prawn ramen with cool ice tea.

Time to carpet snake it? I think not. What other art could we look at?  Because it was a lovely day, rather than head to AGNSW, we decided to hunt down public art. Of course, I couldn’t remember where Fiona Foley’s The Edge of Trees was, but we did see an awesome herb garden …

Then we headed off to Redfern Park in search of Bibles and Bullets by Fiona Foley (thanks Google!)

I do have pics of Bibles and Bullets but these are destined for The Critical Classroom in the next week or so.

Oh. And the meeting on Saturday night went well too. 😉


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