A bit of Saturday maintenance

I’ve spent most of the day doing blog maintenance.

I’ve signed up with BlogLovin’ which is basically a feed reader (I think). It enables people to follow your blog and keep up with new posts, as well as allows you to follow your favourite bloggers. And a lot of bloggers are using it these days, so it could be useful to use. I’ll let you know how we go.
I’ve also added a new form to Deadly Bloggers. This will let people become new bloggers easily – they fill in the form with details and then I’ll add them manually. Right now, I just add people as I find them. I need to just focus on building what Deadly Bloggers is without having to locate and ask people if they want to be on the list.
Ideally, I’ll have a full directory – where visitors can search by category etc, but that will come later.
How was your Saturday?
Image Credits: While I was happy to get all the washing done last weekend, there has no no rain for so long that the the gardens are really struggling. Since the image was captured, there was a little rain during the week, but not enough to “touch the sides”

2 thoughts on “A bit of Saturday maintenance”

  1. I spend every Saturday doing 'house maintenance'. Nothing really to whinge about, don't have a family of six, but the 'housework' is extraordinary isn't it? Get ready to be shocked….. We have artificial grass and a backyard full of bamboo, which we trim so not to vex the neighbours too much. So, we are not as worried about the rain. At the chalkface I put in a herb and vege garden which I have to water constantly. It gets as hot as Hades…faces West. Not ideal aspect but close to my classroom. Order the artificial turf, gravel and bamboo. I don't understand that Bloglovin thing. Xx

    1. 🙂 Sounds good. I can imagine why you're not super keen on the rain – bamboo loves rain. Bloglovin' seems to be okay – I know a few bloggers who use it. It seems to basically a "reader" – so all the new posts are collated in the one spot. I'll see how I go with it – and let you know.

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