The Melbourne Cup

I’m annually amazed by how little I care about the Melbourne Cup. I was raised in a house where the races were played in the radio each weekend. I’m sure I could remember my dad’s TAB account number. He used phone TAB all the time. When we were young we used to Doomben and Eagle Farm on alternating Saturdays. Nan and Uncle Lester (dad’s brother) would also have the races on. Nan was a Jehovah’s Witness so she officially didn’t bet, but I reckon she did. 

When I was about 18 I decided I’d learn a bit more about racing, and which horses were worth backing and how to read the form properly. It lasted about a week.
Horses, and gambling in general, bore the crap out of me. I’m not being elitist, it’s just that it’s dead boring. Playing pokies is like poking my eye out.
The pain and heartache that can be caused by uncontrolled gambling – I’ve seen it. It sucks. And I’m actually glad that my biggest gambling these days is a Gold Lotto entry when I remember to put it on.
So yeah, the Melbourne Cup is all very whatevs for me. And I like it like that.

2 thoughts on “The Melbourne Cup”

  1. I love the part about your family. Beautiful little yarn.
    Reminded me of when Mum went thru a horse racing phase when we were teens. Horses were such a big part of our family story so I didnt think too much about it, and the amounts were small. She loved studying the form and winning but then she blew her winnings and that was the end of her shortlived gambling life.
    One of the last things she did was get dressed up with a big hat and my sis pushed her thru the crowds to see the Melbourne Cup. It's the last pic we have in her finery and was blown up and framed for the service. None of us are gamblers but we put a bet on for Mum every year.

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