Google isn’t helping me today: Struggling to pay my bill

So about a year ago this month, I finally decided on a name for the blog. I had been just for years, and had been to-ing and fro-ing trying to come up with a name. I’m not sure where my train of thought was in coming up with Not Quite Cooked. But I do like it and I think it works.

I also decided to experiment in using the domain purchasing option through Google. I usually buy my domains through NetRegistry, an Australian company with no drama at all. But I wanted to see how easy the process of buying and having all my NQC blog business in the one spot.

Well I can say the process has been dead simple. And I’d highly recommend it, until today.

My domain is up for renewal in a few days, and do you think I can work out how to make sure Google gets their twenty bucks from me? Nup. Nope. Never. No Way.

They’ve sent me reminder emails with “Follow these instructions”, but I have no idea how to understand the instructions at all. I don’t know if is its own Google Apps log-in, and if it does, how to access it. It keeps taking me back to my Google Apps account. And when they say “Go To Billing” and then “Go to Access Billing Account”…. that option isn’t there at all.

This is incredibly frustrating. I want to pay Google. I want them to take my money. But I have NO idea how to get it to them.

So if disappears for a while, don’t worry, it’s all still here at


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