Feminism and White Privilege – My comment

I posted* this comment on Feminism and White Privilege post by Robyn Oyeniyi

“There is something not quite right about the massive amount of time and effort devoted to the question of white privilege in relation to feminism: I’m not 100% sure what yet, but I’m working on it.” 

Hmm… perhaps there is a lot of time spent “talking about White Race Privilege, but in my experience (as an Indigenous Australian woman) there is definitely NOT a lot of time spent acting on or adjusting one’s behaviour.

White Supremacist Patriarchal thinking, being and doing, exists EVERYWHERE in this country – and it doesn’t matter what walk of life one is in. While there may not be as many people saying the a-, n-, and c- words out loud, racism permeates every part of this country.

I’m not sure whether all the talking (that you say is happening) is actually working or not working in the battle. I think the jury may still be out on that one.

* At time of this publication, post is awaiting moderation. 

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