2013 – my year in images

Of course, I didn’t end up posting an image each day. Some days I posted more than one, but there were weeks this year when I didn’t post anything at all. What I’ve learned from these projects is:

  • I go through stages when I don’t really want to share anything about my life. Sometimes these images are a bit cryptic or sometimes there are no images at all.
  • Because I share the images via the Instagram app, the location is not sent through to the Flickr post, so it means that the description is oftentimes only half done. I need to make sure I write a full description in the original post.
  • Interestingly, looking back, there are things I didn’t post about that I thought I would have.
  • A 365 can capture mundane aspects of your life (your mind), like the weather or an interesting leaf, stuff that isn’t necessarily captured in a “significant” diary.
  • I usually end up keeping up with the organisation of 365 until around January, then I come back to it again in December. Just the way my life works I guess.
A goal for the 2014 365, is to capture a more detailed year. Perhaps I will begin experimenting with sending images straight to Flickr. Though the benefit of sending via the one app, is that all the images are a consistent size and format. We’ll see.

See my 2012 and 2011 365 posts.

365/2013, a set on Flickr. {click through to see the full set}

This is my third 365 project – an image per day.

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