52 Week Illustration Challenge

I do love a challenge. I’ve been doing a 365 Pic-A-Day challenge (with varying degrees of success) for the past three years. And I created the 52 Week Deadly Bloggers Challenge, which I didn’t complete, though it did spur me to be “postie” last year with 59 posts for 2013. When I was at uni, I had to do the 30 Days of Drawing Project which was FANTASTIC! It’s amazing how you can improve your skills in just 30 days.

And, this afternoon, I came across author, Tania McCartney’s 52 Weeks of Illustration Challenge. I’m completely in, though with a twist. Now that I finished my Certificate IV in Design, I really want to work on keeping up my Adobe Illustrator skills, so I’m going to do my #illo52weeks challenge using either Illustrator or Photoshop.

And here is my first week done ….

The theme was #eggs. I do remember we drew an egg in our Illustrator class, but I thought I’d go and look for an online tutorial. Here is one I found and my submission (above) is my version of the tutorial. See what I mean? I need HEAPS of practice.

For some reason, I crashed Illustrator when trying to save, and all I have left is a .png version that I somehow managed to export. I’m happy enough with it.

Next week …. #kids …. [thinking cap on]

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