What a week and it’s only Wednesday

Just a quick post … can’t even find a pic to go with it. (lucky I don’t blog for the $. lol)

Well hasn’t this week been full on. It’s Wednesday and I’m quite stuffed. I wrote this post that ended up with me doing an interview on 612ABC. I decided against reading the comments. I shall do that later and probably end up writing a post about how Australians respond to “attacks” on their flag.

I also managed to finally finish two little products for The Critical Classroom and have added them to the Shop. They’re only small resources (in the scheme of things), but they took such a long time. The bunting I created last July. I really have to thank my sister Kym for fixing up my dodgy Illustrator work, and my other sister Matrisse and sistah Lisa for reading countless versions of them and looking for typos etc. They’re not perfect, and I’m sure there are things I’ve missed. But they’re up and for the price of a large cappuccino with an extra shot, I think they’re worth it.
I really want the Critical Classroom to generate a bit of revenue this year, hence the effort in getting the shop up. I’d like to get to the WIPC:E conference in Hawaii in May and I’m not sure I will get there without the extra bungoo. I have one paper accepted (as a group) and I’ve submitted another that I’m waiting to hear about.
The other achievement this week was getting all the marketing stuff completed for the Critical Classroom Product. When you have a product to sell, at a minimum you need to do
  1. A Facebook cover image
  2. A Google+ cover image
  3. A Facebook timeline image
  4. A Google+ timeline image
  5. An image for the blog post (that will later get added to Pinterest)
  6. A thumbnail for the shop
  7. A couple of example images (because they’re downloadable products and kinda new-ish)
  8. An email for the Mailchimp newsletter
And that’s at a minimum. Each one is a different size, and each is slightly different in purpose. I’ve finished all of the above, including an e-newsletter for The Critical Classroom over the past four hours. My understanding of just how much effort goes into building websites and graphic design has grown so much over the past few years.
Note: I need a deadly name for the e-news. I think the “e” is redundant. But I can’t think of a good name. If anyone suggests Message Stick, I’ll punch them in the face.
And I haven’t even started on my #illo52Weeks for week 2 yet.

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