Just prior to Christmas, our phones were upgraded (all part of our standard package) to the latest model. During the upgrade, apps, contact details, passwords etc, successfully made the move across to the new phone. Not email though.

I have five email accounts that I need to check regularly, different accounts for different business interests and projects, and none of those now work on the new phone.

I half-heartedly tried to make them work, have gone through the settings and such. Still. Nothing.

The most amazing thing though is, I love it! I love that I’ve remain unsynced from my email.

For the first time in probably 5 years, I do not have my email notifications buzzing right next to me 24 hours per day. I now only check my email three or four times a day, and once a day on weekends. Turns out, the world has continued to keep turning, and business is still going. Who knew… ??

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