My YouTube Channel

I’ve finally updated my YouTube channel.

In recent years, YouTube have added a few more features, like Sections, Channels, Playlists etc, and it gives you an opportunity to organise you’re own videos and/or the videos that you have subscribed to.

There’s even a spot for your own YouTube Channel Trailer!

I don’t think I’ll ever be a proper YouTube blogger, but it’s good to have to a properly organised channel. I want to make a bunch of videos (or at least posts) for The Critical Classroom when I go to Hawaii for WIPC:E in 12 days (OMG!!).

Do you have a YouTube channel? Even if you don’t UPLOAD videos, have you created playlists around topics that are of interest to you?

Let me know so I can subscribe.

One thought on “My YouTube Channel”

  1. Don't fall off your office chair!! I just got around to buying my tshirt! Black long sleeved with message on back. Nice. Good for the chalkface. Have a great time educating in Hawaii, you will be wonderful. 😀

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