WIPCE 2014 … The adventure continues

So after a few delays in the flight (four delay departing Brisbane & one hour delay departing Nadi) I finally arrived at 2am this morning. After an hour or so getting through customs, I found my way to the hotel. How good is it to be horizontal after so many hours sitting? This morning (up and around at 8.30am) involves just trying to stay active and awake so I can have a good sleep tonight.

Tomorrow is WIPCE opening ceremony and it he shuttle buses depart at 7am. It’s going to such a long day tomorrow, I will need all my energy to keep up.

I’m still not sure about tipping. I didn’t tip the taxi driver, but now I’m wondering if I should have? Such confusion. I’m so glad for our minimum wage in Australia.

PHOTO:  First Landing Resort in Fiji. Established 1500BC refers to when the first Fijians arrived on that very spot.

2 thoughts on “WIPCE 2014 … The adventure continues”

  1. Thank you for posting! You would be knackered. Not sure about the tipping in the States. I watched some of your critical classroom vid, but not enough. Got interrupted. Will get back to it. Keep working hard. ;D x

    1. Thanks Flora. Am still in Hawaii, last day of the conference today. Am looking forward to doing another Critical Classroom hangout next week (fingers crossed).

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