A 1st of January story

Am sharing a story I told on Facebook, partly because I don’t completely trust Facebook, but also because I didn’t want it to get lost amongst the stream. Stories are archivable here.

I had no idea I was going to write this story down, it’s just that I saw this image (2 Queensland Police constables delivered a baby girl at Indooroopilly Train Station) and it reminded me of 1st January Day a few years ago.  https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152526000243254&set=a.399029753253.175744.339665603253&type=1&theater

My original status update:
Michael Ah Kee helped deliver a baby once, on the footpath, outside Cairns Base Hospital. Though I’m not sure “helped deliver” is exactly the right words. More like I ran up and knelt down and kinda scooped “mum” into my arms, catching baby as she delivered herself. I just kept mum talking while we (her resting in my arms) waited for a very shell-shocked dad and ultra professional hospital team to arrive. A pretty amazing “first day of the year” story that one was. (And we were in the paper the next day. I still have my hat that the midwife used to hold baby in while she cut the cord.) I still remember holding that fresh warm little body in my hands. Amazing stuff.

A comment from Sandy “That’s an amazing story”

My comment:
It was amazing. We were parked across from the Cairns Base entrance (Michael was still asleep so I waited behind with him). He woke up and we started walking across the road when I heard a woman scream and fall to her knees and a man running away from her. My first thought was that he had hurt her and was running away. We ran across the road and as we got closer I realised she was giving birth. I just scooped her in my arms and we knelt there and the baby came. Mikey was just a little fella too. We had a good yarn about it later on. LOL. Not sure what would have happened had I not run to her – dread to think that the baby would have landed on the concrete – there were other people around but they just stood there and stared.

Sonia S commented ” … the father must have freaked out”

My comment: 
Makes me smile every time I think of him, the poor bugger. I don’t remember is face, just this poor hopeless hovering figure in the corner of my eye. You know that worried, anxious, and concerned but completely useless soul. The love of his life is going through probably the biggest moment of her life – on the footpath, in public, surrounded by strangers. Is she safe? Is the baby okay? How can I help? That’s right. I can’t. I only get to stand and be here. Bet he got completely wasted afterwards. #bless

That’s my story. It was an incredible moment.


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