My blog is a Selfie

I stole the title (and pretty much the guts) of this post from Christopher S Penn’s post of the same name.

I have other blogs. On Deadly Bloggers I post (infrequently) about Indigenous people on social media and blogging, on Iscariot Media, I post about business activities and a bit about social media and technology stuff, while on The Critical Classroom I post about the Indigenous education content. Those other blogs have a professional edge. I could probably outsource the posts for those blogs if I wanted to. While they’re about me (they’re my vision), they’re bigger than just one person.

But here on Not Quite Cooked, it’s absolutely about me. It’s one big long selfie from the title to the link lists.

I think I’m a pretty lazy blogger. On my good day I say I’m a blogger, but most days I say “I have a blog”. But even the infrequency of my posts, says something about me and who I am. I partly see the blog (and all the other online bits of me), as a diary my kids (and maybe grandchildren) will want to read one day long after I’ve gone.

For this reason, and as I’ve said before, I want to be braver about what I write about. There are a couple of topics I want to deal with one day. That’s also why I’m enjoying #blogJUNE. It’s forcing me to write, and to think about what I’m going to write. And if you’re blogging everyday, “one day” is much closer than it might otherwise be.

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