My dad bought a tablet

My dad bought a tablet. He’s on it all the time, working on this and that. Last night though he had a bit of confusion.

 He was swiping his finger over the tablet and these streaks of black were appearing on the screen where he wiped. He was confused. Looking at his hands, looking for the black ink or paint on them, but not finding any.
He said to mum “What’s going on? Why is this black stuff on the screen?” Still unable to determine the source of the black, still looking at his hands.
Mum just busted out laughing.
He was using a Paint app.

2 thoughts on “My dad bought a tablet”

  1. I love it. My Dad has his IPad – he loves it. I am so pleased he got one. Mum is a Luddite. Huge issues re technology there – don't know how I have come as far as I have. 😀 x

    1. They're awesome. The kids love it when Nan & Pop use technology, even though half the time they have no idea what they're doing. I wonder what will be confounding us when we're seventy? (Mind you, iTunes confounds me now)

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