Learning to lead

So, it’s 10.35pm, and I’m struggling to come up with anything to post.

Right now I’m so overwhelmed by both my paid and unpaid work. I feel like I’m neglecting clients. They’re so wonderful I can’t believe they haven’t Tweeted how crap the service (or lack of) is that they’ve been getting. All my work is fulfilling, and I know I need to delegate more effectively, but I’m still learning how. I must be so frustrating to work with me sometimes.

I’m definitely still working in the business than on it.

My volunteer work is taking up so much more time these past months, but there is currently no one to take my place and I do love the SEQICC and its vision. So leaving the organisation is absolutely out of the question right now.

I noted a few articles on Hilary Clinton’s leadership secrets today. While some of the ideas are valuable, they don’t necessarily help an ordinary woman like me right now.

What did help me today, was two particularly inspiring conversations I had.

The first was with someone who “played the possibility game” with me. Over the course of two hours, we trusted each other, told the truth to ourselves and each other, and came up with a pathway to creating something new in Brisbane, something that could really make a difference to the community. I only met her today, but she was inspiring and the meeting made me believe that people can work together without constantly border protecting.

The second was with an amazing Murri women who I’ve grown to love and admire over the past few years. Another ordinary woman, but an extraordinary talent and and mind. She gets me, understands the challenges of being a parent, a parent of teens, and working as an independent, with artists and within a creative space. I trust her implicitly. She also pushes me to be brave and to value myself and what I’m capable of. Coming away from two hours with her, leaves me energised.

Okay. So it turns out I do have something to write about this fine #blogJUNE day.

I’m still learning about leadership. I find myself reflecting on it more and more. The conversations I have help me to put the pieces together.

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