Check-In time

I’m an Edgie. That is, I’ve done the Edgeware Build Your Business training, and am a casual facilitator of the program.

One of the first things you learn when you become an Edgie is to Check-In and Check-Out. It’s an opportunity air your stuff – the good as well as the bad, what you’ve been up to, where your state of being is etc.
Last night we had an (online) Edgeware meeting, with facilitators from Australia and Europe. It was during my check-in that I became really aware of just how much I’ve got going on right now.
I shared that we are 
  • starting our new Dark and Disturbing brand
  • working on the SEQICC Annual Indigenous Business Breakfast
  • planning for a couple of market events in July (Teneriffe Markets and CIAF)
  • working on a new range of packages for the graphic design and web design components of our business.
What I didn’t mention was that 
  • I was preparing for a presentation with the Queensland Youth Leadership Program at Parliament House (did it today)
  • “Launched” the inaugural Deadly Bloggers Blog Carnival
I can’t believe how much I have on right now. The above to bullet lists don’t even mention the client work and normal blogging work that we do. 
I feel pretty good right now. Though next week I may be going out of my mind.  

3 thoughts on “Check-In time”

  1. Please tell us about the Leadeship program….I am off to check if any of our workers go…
    As they say 'love your work'.
    Is the breakfast open to chalkface workers? And, do you need a couple of volunteers – have some good junior ones. 😀
    Last day today, then holidays!

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