I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, that is, document those deadly folks who are my #ff recommendations.

I first started this list back in September 2013 … a never ending list…

  1. @LukeLPearson – an energetic, passionate Koori educator who initiated and drove the rotation curation account @IndigenousX
  2. @IndigenousX – a rotation curation (shifts change each Thursday) of Indigenous Australian voices
  3. @AnitaHeiss – author and activist who tirelessly works for a range of grassroots community causes online and in real life
  4. @TheKooriWoman – her no holds barred political, cultural and social opinion. She games, she writes, swears, she’s deadly
  5. @NomadiqueMC – He’s sweary, he’s #metal and Green. One of the first people I followed on Twitter and one of the smartest brothas I know
  6. @Utopiana – not on the Twitterverse as much as the Facebookz, but if you need to keep up with her blogging, you must follow
  7. @SivParker – since joining the Twitterz she has owned it – storyteller, political observer, grassroots, activitist
  8. @Ren_1 – I can only describe in hashtags #realz #hiphop #critical #grassroots #truth
  9. @NareenYoung – a deadly sistah who never fails to stand up. Insightful, critical and essential
  10. @Liz_Loveslife – she doesn’t blog (much to my disappointment) but her mix of politics-edu-black tweets rocks
  11. @MsLou – black, feminist, lawyerly, unafraid
  12. @DrSRP – academic, intellectual, perceptive, fun. Asks questions, links meaningfully
  13. @DB_1974 Dameyon Bonson is a LGBQTI and Suicide Prevention Advocate. Makes you think and act

Don’t know what a #FF is? Don’t worry, it’s a little bit 2010, but here is a quick history: http://technorati.com/social-media/article/do-you-followfriday-on-twitter-what/

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