I deleted the Facebook app off my phone

I’ve had one of those weeks. The self-doubt weeks. It’s during these weeks that I tend to delete Facebook “friends”. I have no idea why I do it. I mean I know the triggers and stuff. But I can’t work out why I think unfriending makes a difference. It’s all in my head. I know.

So instead of going on an unfriending spree, I’ve deleted the app off my phone.

And guess what, I’ve survived. (and my Facebook “friendships” have too)

Whatever it is, it will eventually pass. And perhaps I’ll reinstall the app.

One day, I’ll understand what it all means.

Or not.

2 thoughts on “I deleted the Facebook app off my phone”

  1. You know…..this resonates with me (and a lot of us, I'll bet). I have an IPhone – with no email…no FB…because it would drive me crazy…@&&$(/!&'#%…I had FB/email on the old Blackberry I had prior.
    But, I concede with a focus with social and cultural commentary for your business you need it. I think you have summed it up with 'this too, will pass'.
    Never mind the kids, they manage the head trip FB can bring, it's us oldies we have to worry about.:P take it easy, you have been flatchat lately, and probably feel a bit spent. X

    1. I got a new iPhone last December, and only this week, by necessity, I enabled my email on it. It's been fantastic not having access to email ALL the time. Yes. One can exist without checking email 50 times a day. I think I may delete it soon, because I'm going back to my old habits.

      "This too, shall pass." with a few deep breaths – I will definitely use that more.

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