Annie writes

So Annie, unprompted I might add, wrote a post for the Deadly Bloggers Blog Carnival. I don’t know why she offered to do a post. It’s so public and she hates “people looking at her”. She’s written a few posts lately on her blog so I guess she was up for it. 

She chose to write about racism. Which I thought was odd, because she doesn’t really ever talk about it that often. Actually rarely. At only 13 years of age, I think she’s still in “listening” phase. She was always a good listener, soaking up the world. Reading her post, I think she sees her dad and I being “obsessed” with racism, discrimination and “the cause”. Which is kind of funny, because I don’t think we are. But I guess from an outsiders point of view, it probably looks like it. It’s lovely watching them grow up and trying to make sense of the world. 

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