To Sydney and back again, and the John Fries Award 2014

Feeling naked in Row 1 on this Jetsar A320.

Clearly I made it, to Sydney and back again. Despite my hesitation at booking, I grabbed a flight a few hours before it departed. Once again an excellent visit.

I headed along to the John Fries Art Award event at COFA UNSW Galleries. I knew a few of the entrants in award. Sadly none of those won. The award was given to Bridie Lunny for a sculptural-performance work This Endless Becoming.
The award reaffirmed my knowledge about my lack of knowledge about contemporary Australian art. I get contemporary Australian art created by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists. But the rest? I need to do a lot more work on that!
Congratulations to Bridie Lunny.
See you in September Sydney.

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