River Fire 2014

Perhaps it’s because we live on a hill. Perhaps it’s because we all live in walking distance to each other. Perhaps it’s because Brisbane in September is beautiful.

Perhaps it’s because we are just looking for any excuse to have “fancy” cheese and a spot of beverage.
It may be some, all, or none of the above reason/s that RiverFire is a thing in our house.
Usually what happens is the kids (now teen/adults) fire up the pit (a collection of old pavers in a circle) in mum’s yard (she lives on the highest hill) and roast marshmallows, I purchase a beverage or two, and consume ridiculous amounts or cheese or chocolate. We take our chairs and manage to find a vantage point, usually on the footpath (along with many other residents of our suburb) taking our radio with us so we can enjoy the distant pyrotechnic display in simulcast with a local radio station.
This year however, courtesy of the cashed up neighbours who paid for another neighbours’ trees to be “trimmed” this week, we sat beside the back shed, with our view only slightly encumbered by foliage.
In past years we have marveled at the dump and burn of the F1-11s, but now that they are retired, we have only a few other fighters and the fireworks.
I think I inhabit the sphere of people who scoff at such displays of firepower, with Riverfire being seen as a eco-unfriendly, resource-wasting, superficial, 15 minutes of fame.
I know I too should scoff but I can’t.
Perhaps it’s because of the anticipation.
Perhaps it’s because it marks the end of the Brisbane Festival.
Perhaps it’s because the weather is wonderous.
Perhaps it’s because of the ACDC/Phil Collins soundtrack.
Perhaps it’s because I like to have a drink.
Perhaps it’s because I enjoy having my family around me, and love that others in my neighbourhood also use Riverfire as an excuse to fire up their BBQs and get together with their peeps.
It may be some, all, or none of these reasons. Whatever it is, I hope Riverfire continues well into the future.

2 thoughts on “River Fire 2014”

  1. I am writing 'I loved reading this…' at the same time time as I recall saying over in my head as I did a late afternoon walk along Northey Street 'Riverfire is a public nuisance!' asi heard one of those jets fly around 5.30pm. You have persuaded me. ;Dx

    1. I know what you mean. It's easy to love it, and easier to hate it. I do enjoy it. I don't venture to the city though. When it's over, we basically walk into the house. So we don't have to navigate the sea of humanity all leaving the inner city at the same time. I am jealous of the images that get taken when one is up close. So one day soon, when I have a decent camera, I'll have to head in.

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