Exacting revenge on shoddy journalism

Yesterday’s shocking and disrespectful Courier Mail front page made me wonder if some “journalists” and their editors would benefit from a dose of their own medicine.

Someone should create a publication that specialised in delving into the personal lives of shoddy journalists, those journos who have gone that step too far.
I wonder if they might amend their practice, if we splashed their unmasked image across the paper (and remember, it’s an image that is in every newsagent, supermarket, Facebook feed and Twitter stream across the region/state/country). I wonder if they would rethink the questions they ask and the stories they wrote, if the world were suddenly let into their worlds, their relationship status, their unique and perhaps odd habits.
When I see and read stories that have gone too far, all I can think about is what if the shoe were on the other foot?

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