Christmas 2014

Have just realised that the little mini post I wrote last night (Christmas Eve) and posted, I actually posted to the wrong blog! *

Here is what I wrote:

<blockquote>I’m sitting here alone surfing iView while waiting for a load of washing to finish.

About half-an-hour ago, I realised this has been one of my personal Christmas traditions for nearly two decades – get all the stuff done, kids in bed etc, one more load, then bed. I wonder if it has something to do with having quite a few years with kids in nappies (we had our babies before disposables were the norm), and a little personal strategy,  to try to have “one day off”, albeit just a day off from the washing that never ever ends.
The kids are teenagers now and can, & at least part of the time actually do their own washing. There really is no need for me to be awake now.
Although the bonus now is, I now have iView and Shiraz (????) to keep me company. #lovemylife </blockquote>
After deleting the post (thank goodness she doesn’t check her blog much!!) and reposting here, it’s now 11.10pm on Christmas Day and almost everyone is in bed. A few stray teenagers are putting in the good fight to stay awake, but even they won’t last much longer (FYI: Over-tired teenagers are worse than over-tired toddlers). I’m sitting here in the lounge, about to inhale a WizzFizz, while finishing this post, before I take a loooonggg shower and sleep.
Today’s Christmas was a success. There  were some annoyances – people not behaving the way I expected them to. I will make time to have conversations with those people during next week.
For me, in addition to being about taking the time out of our busy lives to spend time with family, Christmas is about the meal. I have no pics, but our menu was:
– Cousin T’s Chicken with Penne Pasta with a lovely tomato sauce.
– Coconut Curry Chicken
– Jiang Xi Chicken (aka Vermicilli Chicken)
– Fried Scones (I believe if you’re in Canada this is called Fry Bread or Bannock)
– Glazed leg of Ham (thanks Mum)
– Namus
– Belecan
– Rice
For dessert, which was MANY hours later (after nap time), we had my home-made Christmas Cake, a Christmas pudding, custard  and icecream.
I was most happy with the Namus. I have only really eaten it a few times, and have never cooked it before. I made it last night before bed. I had no idea if it would work, but it did. Of course, the kids decided to have a 20 minute debate with me about whether me saying “it’s cooked in vinegar and lemon juice” was “technically accurate”. Is there a word for people who debate every aspect of your language? The word smartarse comes to mind but perhaps there’s another?
The other thing I did this year which I’m really happy about is I created a SHARED Photo Album on Facebook. The only people who can see the album are the CONTRIBUTORS, those who are my immediate family. So far, Mob in Canberra and Cairns have added to the album. It’s part of my recent move to “make private” specific aspects of my digital expression (but that is for another post).
Well done family on creating a lovely Christmas.
The task tomorrow is to eat left overs and to NOT be tempted to head to the Boxing Day Sales. Avoiding at all cost!
Hope your Christmas, dear reader, was a good one.
* Accidents like that happen when you help your friends with their blogs.

One thought on “Christmas 2014”

  1. Laughed out loud re the Whiz Fizz! Is it better than caffeine????
    Re the cooking of the fish….next time tell them you are 'denaturing' or 'coagulating' the protein coils. Watch them gag.
    Merry Christmas NQC. Now I want pudding and custard…didn't have it yesterday. Xx

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