Addiction for the new

Why does it feel good to start a new book, a new project, a new job or a new responsibility?

 Beginning is exhilarating. It can be intoxicating. For me, it’s the most exciting phase of any project. But it can be addictive. That addiction can be a negative when constantly starting something new means that you don’t complete what you’ve started. That’s easily one of my flaws. l love starting new projects, is the grind to complete that I struggle with.Each year I make a new set of silent commitments to myself, some of which I follow through, some not. After 45 years, you’d think I would have realised that the addiction to new things is not really the most way to be productive.

Another way to look at it (given that I’m also a slave to optimism) is that the addiction to new is drawn from a mixture of hope, aspiration and the adventure or heading to the unknown. Can I really give that up?

And with that, my first post for the 2015 Deadly Bloggers Challenge is complete. Will I finish it? Hmm. Let’s see shall we.


2 thoughts on “Addiction for the new”

  1. 'A slave to optimism'….what a thing to be grateful for.
    At this time of year I can't even bear thinking about what I will do at the chalkface!!! I get very over-whelmed. I have started doing some things that are going to see me spring off on the right foot…
    Thankfully I am programmed for glass half-full.

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