My first BCC

This week I finally went got be doctor about a spot. He immediately diagnosed it as a BCC – a basal cell carcinoma. Because it’s on my nose he’s referred me to a plastic surgeon who will do a biopsy and then surgery. It’s not large. I have cream, Advantan that will hopefully attack it making surgery unnecessary. 

 I have an appointment with the Melanoma Clinic in a few weeks. They can do a check on the rest of the body.
I guess this is a mid-forties thing. Since I went to the doctor I’ve met a couple of other women who’ve both had BCCs and FCCs removed. Another reminder that the body is changing.  The message, don’t neglect your gums your skin, and wear a hat!

One thought on “My first BCC”

  1. Can I recommend Dr James Emmett – Morris Towers, Wickham Tce. He is without a doubt the best Doctor for this. I have a lot of experience with the difference between these practitioners.
    You are so right about 'things changing'. Time for a heads up, alright.

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