A middle of the night post

Yes. This is what I wore last week. I was cold. I had no meetings. I just needed to get warm.
It’s 1.30am.

I’m in the middle of a afternoon-nanna-nap induced sleeplessness.

Probably doesn’t help that I’ve only just finished working. Am not too stressed though because now my 9am meeting is ready to go.

Life is a little up & down – lots of work to do, thinking hard about cash-flow (an ever present topic for the self-employed), and post-Murra constantly strategising about growth and scale.

I do wonder if we’ve moved into the right field – the agency work.

It’s not easy. While the overheads are fairly low, I’ve not found the consistency with products that I’d like. What makes it hard though, is that I actually enjoy the bulk of the work – so it’s hard to say no.

I have to keep thinking about this. I reckon if I’m still it sure within 12 months, I’ll have a serious rethink and maybe move on.

I’ve got a couple of contracts with two Unis.

For one I’m writing a unit and another I’m researching. It’s made me want to go back to just focusing on educational resources.

I’m trying to remember how I got to this point. It was so gradual that I didn’t realise what happened.

I think the trick will be to set a series of targets or milestones for both the agency work and the educational resource. See what it takes to hit them and compare.

It may mean have two jobs (or two businesses) for twelve months. But I don’t really see a way around it.Am excited about getting into research and writing though.

I’m keeping a diary for the unit writing – what I’m thinking and why.

Shall yarn about that down the track.

Alright. Good night.

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