Missing posts and busy days

Well bugger. A post a day and by day seven I’ve already missed two days.

I reckon I have a good excuse though. Friday was consumed with party preparations for Mum’s 70th birthday party, finishing of my lecture notes in the afternoon, and then creating a little slideshow/film in the evening (til about 2am). Then Saturday, I was up early and off to Mt Gravatt were I ran a three hour marketing workshop, then zipped back home and off to Mum’s 70th birthday party in the evening (til about 1am).
There has been no chance to stop and write a post even though I’ve had plenty to write about.
And today (day seven), has been filled with recovering from the mild-hangover and then off to Sandgate for our nieces 16th birthday party.
I’m hoping to clear my phone of photos tomorrow afternoon. In the morning, it’s one last morning tea, and a photo session taking pics of all the grandkids together.
Thanks Goodness it’s a long weekend!

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