Fury Road and the cinema machines

Very soon the cinema will be run totally by machines?

Remember how yesterday I said I was really busy? Well today it was just as busy though with slightly less intensity. Despite feel totally wrecked, I dragged the family off to see Fury Road. It was a great road movie that I’d thoroughly recommend.
We’re a bit of a movie family. Some families go fishing, others hiking. We are more a movie family – it’s what we do.
I was telling my bunji today how G & M are gradually working their way through the back catalogue of Western cinema. G is focused squarely on Monty Python, and is now on his way to exploring Mel Brooks. While I think M is focused on just watching anything he can get his hands on and has time to watch. It’s cool, watching them gradually get where the ‘references’ that are littered throughout popular culture today come from.
On our way out of the cinema I spied the above machine. What the hell!?!?!?!? It’s a little scary thinking that the movies will be pretty much run by machines. If we have ticket machines for the tickets, there’s no reason to suppose that vending machines for the food will be far off. Make the tickets magnetic (or smart or whatever) and then it will be just like going through the turnstile at the train station. Cinemas will just need a cleaner and a supervisor. No more need for humans?
A little scary to imagine the coming world particularly for people who relied on this kind of work for their livelihood. What will they do now?

One thought on “Fury Road and the cinema machines”

  1. McCafe is now run by a machine. So, the last time I went I was collared towards the illuminated screen and shown a five or six step tap screen frippery (payment before you get your product included) to get a coffee.
    I then had to go over to the 'human' counter anyway…where there were no other customers. I didn't know if I was allowed to say, 'thank you' out loud.
    I have definitely boycotted the big arched M now. This time it is for real.

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