Soup, pump and getting things done

After a massive weekend I fell asleep early last night (around 10pm which is incredibly early for me). Clearly I needed the sleep! But it meant this morning I was actually up and about. Usually when I get up early, I end up running late because I do things I don’t normally do, like fold a few clothes, or have breakfast etc. Surprisingly however this morning – and today – I’ve been pretty productive.

I started the day by filling the crockpot with onion, garlic, some celery from the back of the fridge, potato, some frozen chicken stock, and a whole chook. Chicken soup anyone?

I also headed to a pump class at the gym with my sisters. It was a bit of a killer. I’m writing this post at 6pm, and I’m feeling very much worse for wear unfortunately. Even had to take a Panadol I’m so sore. But tomorrow I will try to drag my sorry bum back to the gym. Though I’ll not be hurrying for a a pump class though.

Once I got back to the office at 10.30, I ended up working on three client projects, two of which I think I’ve moved forward significantly. And tonight, I’m off to a P&C meeting.

Quite productive. Perhaps I should go to bed early more often? 


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