Inspiring educators

Today I had the privilege of spending the day with a group of amazing Murri early childhood educators. All women, and from all over Queensland, they came together to grow their knowledge of early childhood but also to explore and extend their understanding of bringing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ways of knowing, being and doing to their learning spaces.

┬áBy the end I came away inspired by these little acknowledged workers – quite often they’re jobs are very ordinary, their wages are not that great, they’ll probably never win awards or any accolades. An yet they do some of the most important work in our communities. Their work now (today), will help to shape future Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander generations.
I go to bed inspired all of them.

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  1. Can I cordially invite you to our NAIDOC Week Assemby at the chalkface? We have Aunty Denise Proud as a Guest Speaker. Her story is extraordinary! Barely 16 years old and setting up a kindergarten in Cherbourg. Who would think of others like that when they are a whippersnapper???! I was too busy trying to get money to buy clothes or get to the beach.

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