Welcome to Brisbane. You are on Aboriginal Land.

Coming down the escalator at Brisbane International Airport this morning. I saw this sign. Under the 2 it says “You are on …”

In my head, all I could think was “You are on …. “
“You are on Aboriginal land.”

How cool would it be if that’s what the sign really said!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Brisbane. You are on Aboriginal Land.”

  1. I agree with you. You would have been chuffed alongside of me on Assembly at my new chalkface. Big hall – masses of workers…'please stand for the National Anthem' and I am thinking 'crikey' but a loud backing soundtrack of a didgeridoo playing filled the hall! It backed the whole of Avance AUS Fair! Never heard that before in a school. Should be mandatory. 😀 it was brilliant.
    Maintain the rage.

    1. While not a supporter of any version of AAF, that version with the didgeridoo is pretty groovy. I think I first heard it at Samford State School, then at a few other schools over the years. So much better than the 'traditional' versions. 🙂

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